Zymurgorium Pink Grapefruit Gin Liqueur 50cl

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Zymurgoriums founder, Aaron Darke, has a real love of and fascination with all things natural and this shows in his products. Many of the ingredients and foraged for or grown by Aaron. He believes that the worlds variation and diversity of culinary experiences has waned in the past, however there is now a renaissance in people wishing to know the origins of food and to experiment.

The refreshing yet bittersweet taste of pink grapefruit is perfectly matched to the dry, light nature of gin and is well represented in Zymurgoriums Pink Grapefruit Gin Liqueur. Deliciously fragrant with a taste to match, this citrus gin is bursting with flavour. It's made using gin made from British juniper and over 20 other botanicals.


Type Gin Liqueur
Size 50cl
ABV 18.7%
Origin Manchester, England.
Allergy None
Brand Zymurgorium
Weight 1.1kg