X-Gin (Xocoatl Aphrodisiac Chocolate Gin) 50cl

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It was a time of Incas and Mayas.

A time of death by sacrifice and heavenly thirst that needed to be quenched. So the kings and queens gave order to the brewing masters to brew a godly nectar.

They created a secret recipe of which is known that it contained the slightest hint of cocoa. They called it Xocoatl. It was only meant to be enjoyed by kings, queens and Gods. It brought the gift of long life, intelligence and it instilled passion in those who had the fortune to drink it.

According to legend it was the worlds first aphrodisiac. And so the Xocoatl recipe was revived and brought back as the X-Gin.

Every bottle comes with dried Cocoa nips garnish in a small, handy glass bottle. 

Notable Awards


ISC Bronze - Gin - 2017
NYISC Bronze - Gin - 2017
SIP Awards Gold - Gin - 2016 
IWSC Silver - Gin - 2016
CWSA Double Gold - Gin - 2016
NYISC Bronze - Gin - 2016
LAISC Bronze - Gin - 2016



Type Flavoured Gin
Size 50cl
ABV 44%
Origin Belgium
Allergy None
Brand X-Gin
Weight 1.3kg