Staffy Biscoffe Dark Rum 50cl - "A Tribute To The Staffordshire Bull Terrier"

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Staffy’s are known for indomitable courage, high intelligence and tenacity.  

Our Staffy Biscoffe Dark Rum is a tribute to this beautiful, loyal, trustworthy breed, not only will you love the Staffy you will love our Staffy Biscoffe Dark Rum too.

Staffy Biscoffe is just one of our flavoured rums in the Staffy Family, with the unmistakable taste of cinnamon and ginger, combined with our ultra smooth Caribbean Dark rum.

Enjoy this drink with a premium lemonade, cola, or part of your favourite cocktail!


Type Dark Rum
Size 50cl
ABV 37.5%
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Sweet Little
Weight 1.1kg