Silent Pool Rare Citrus Luxury Gin Gift Pack 50cl

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As the name suggests, Rare Citrus Gin has been crafted using four of the rarest citrus fruits on the planet. Buddha’s Hand (the most exciting shaped citron we’ve ever seen) provides bright sherbet lemon aromas; Amanatsu adds notes of mandarin, lime and summertime; a Japanese pomelo called Hirado Buntan laces the gin with cream, honey and grapefruit; and finally Seville Oranges are harvested while still green and packed with intense oil to create a hit of marmalade. Aromatic, complex and intriguing, the result is so gorgeous that it almost seems a shame to put a boring old lime in a G&T made with it. Maybe try a halved kumquat or a twist of grapefruit instead. But our favourite way to draw the most from all that incredible fruit is to mix a Rare Citrus Negroni.


Type Flavoured Gin
Size 50cl
ABV 43%
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Silent Pool
Weight 1.5kg