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Rooster Rojo Anejo Tequila 70cl


Product Details

TypeAñejo Tequila
Brand: Rooster Rojo

Rooster Rojo is produced using only the best ingredients and techniques. Rooster Rojo Anejo is made with Blue Agave, they used the Fabrica de Tequilas method, where you cook the Piña for 10 hours in autoclaves. After this, a special yeast is added to the Agave, just before fermentation. Rooster Rojo Anejo is double distilled in stainless steel pots and then aged in oak barrels. Finally, water that is filtered through Mexican silver is added to the drink, bringing it down to 38% ABV.


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Product Code: 7503023613224

Weight: 1.3kg
Condition: New
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