Plantation 3 Stars White Rum 70cl

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Blended and bottled in France by Cognac Ferrand, Plantation 3 Stars White Rum is a skilful blend of the best the Caribbean has to offer from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad.  Each island has a distinct rum style developed over centuries and brings its own special character to the layered flavour composition. Matured Trinidad rum imparts its classic elegance, Barbados delivers sophistication with a balanced mouth feel while Jamaica conveys its unmistakable structure and rustic edge. Vibrant and well-balanced, Plantation 3 Stars displays the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados well integrated with the character and fuller flavours of Jamaica.


Spirit Type White Rum
Size 70cl
ABV 41.2%
Origin Barbados
Allergy None
Brand Plantation
Weight 1.4kg