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Caspyn Cornish Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl
RRP: £43.99
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Zuidam Dutch Courage Old Tom Gin 70cl
RRP: £45.99
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Citadelle Old Tom Gin 70cl
RRP: £55.99
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Bathtub Old Tom Gin 50cl
RRP: £31.99
Hammer & Son Old English Gin 70cl
RRP: £34.99
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Hayman's Old Tom Gin 70cl
RRP: £26.99
Jensen's Old Tom Gin 70cl
RRP: £29.99
Like London Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin originated and was very popular during the Gin Craze in the mid 18th century. It is more sweet than London Dry Gin, but it isn't as sweet as Gins that have been flavoured. During the Gin Craze, gins were barely safe to drink, because the column still hadn't been invented, so distillers used to use Sulphuric Acid, which was some times deadly. To mask the horrific taste, distillers used to flavour and sweeten their products with Sugar or Liquorice, after they had distilled the drink. This is the same for modern Old Toms, except from the deadly sulphuric acid part. Modern Old Toms are more sweet than London Dry Gins, but not as heavy as other Gins, such as Flavoured Gins or Jenever Gins and the sweet botanicals or sugar that the distiller is using, is added after the base spirit has been distilled.

There are many origin stories, to where the name 'Old Tom' comes from. One of them is a tale, where an Tom Cat fell into a vat full of Gin.
However, the most likely story of where the name come from is, where a distiller called Thomas Chamberlain had an apprentice called Thomas Norris, where they worked at Hodge's Distilleries, teaching Thomas Norris his ways of producing Gin. When Norris had completed his apprenticeship, he opened up his own Gin shop on Great Russell Street, Covent Garden. The Gin he sold was called 'Old Tom Gin'. It had a very good reputation when it was being sold. 
Regardless of the origin, it is evident that Old Tom Gin was king of the Gin scene during the Gin Craze and for a while longer after it.
After it had been so popular, the demand for it slowly faded and eventually, Old Tom Gins disappeared from the backs of bars, until recently. Modern distillers have started to produce their own Old Tom Gins, because they are slowly becoming popular again.

Ginspiration has some of the finest Old Tom Gins that are available on the market.