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Navy Strength Gin

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Tanqueray No.10 Gin 70cl
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Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin 50cl
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Slingsby Navy Strength Gin 70cl
RRP: £61.99
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Bathtub Navy Strength Gin 70cl
RRP: £50.99
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Nelson's Navy Strength Gin 70cl
RRP: £65.99
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Navy Strength Gin is a very strong Gin, that is 57% ABV (114 Proof) or higher, it cannot be less. This is because 57% ABV was the strength of the alcohol, that if a navy soldier spilt the gin on gunpowder, you could still light it. This is where it gets it's name from, because Gin was very popular in the Navy and soldiers kept spilling it on the gunpowder, meaning that it could no longer be ignited, so Gin producers started making their Gin for the Navy at 57% ABV, so in case Gin were to spill on the gunpowder, it could still be used.
Gin producers tested to find the ABV that was of 'strength', by lighting gunpowder with different strength Gins. If there was no flame or it lit with a smoky flame then it was not of the required strength. If the gunpowder burned with a 'clear' flame, then it was of strength and suitable for the Navy and they found that 57%, was the minimum ABV for gunpowder to be lit with a clear flame after Gin had been spilt on it. On the other hand, the spirit couldn't be too high, or else it would explode. Only in modern times, was Gin of this strength called 'Navy Strength Gin'.

Navy Strength Gin doesn't have a specific method of distillation or a certain botanical content (apart from Juniper), the only factor that classes a Gin as 'Navy Strength' is if it's % ABV is 57% or over. Having a high ABV amplifies the flavour of the botanicals that the Gin is produced with, which is brilliant for the Gins that are produced with Citrus flavours, because they really pop on the palate.