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Mazarine Creme De Cacao Liqueuer 70cl


Product Details

Brand: Mazarine
Mazarine : Liquor whose vital qualities suggested the following quatrain in one of our most distinguished poets "Golden Dittany, soft drink, powerful and delicate brew Who puts us in the heart of the sun and cheered the old age.

The liquors are subsequent to the discovery of alcohol. Until under Louis XIV and Louis XV liquor is considered very fashionable hypocras. It consists of white wine, sugar, cinnamon, pepper, lemon and a little corn!

The real liqueur as we know it was born in France and in monasteries in Italy with the Jesuits of Verona and imported by Catherine de Medici. In 1636, the doctor Brouault the idea of ​​removing the essential principles of herbs to compose liqueurs.

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Availabilty: In Stock
Product Code: Mazarine03

Weight: 1.3kg
Condition: New
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