London Essence Classic Tonic Water 200ml x 24 (JAN 21)

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Using distillation techniques, a touch of imagination and suggestions from leading London bartenders, The London Essence Company has created carefully calibrated mixers for the 21st Century. Distilling the true flavour of fine fruits and botanicals, the complete collection is delicately light and low in calories. The naturally sourced sweetness allows the distinct notes of the spirit partner to shine through. The London Essence Company’s Original Indian Tonic Water is a deeply refreshing and citrussy brew. The essence was created by steeping juniper, citrus and exotic Calamansi (Philippine lime) prior to distillation. Expect a citrus-forward profile with tropical notes, peppery juniper and a hint of bitter chinotto. We recommend pairing this classic and versatile tonic with your favourite premium gin, vodka, dark rum or even a summery Irish whiskey.


Type Indian Tonic Water
Size 200ml x 24
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand London Essence
Weight 10.3kg