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A Liqueur is a sweet alcoholic drink, that usually has an ABV between 15% - 35%, some have as much as 40% Alcohol in them!
We have an exquisite variety of Liqueurs for sale at Ginspiration.
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Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack 5 x 40ml
RRP: £19.99
Out of Stock
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Bols Banana Liqueur 50cl
RRP: £21.99
Bols Kirsch Liqueur 50cl
RRP: £21.99
Out of Stock
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Bols Melon Liqueur 50cl
RRP: £21.99
Grand Marnier 70cl
RRP: £32.99
Baileys 5cl Glass & Truffles Gist Set
RRP: £6.99
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A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit that has been flavored with fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts and bottled with added sugar or other sweetener. Liqueurs are typically quite sweet; they are usually not aged for long after the ingredients are mixed, but may have resting periods during their production to allow flavors to marry.