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Kimono Lychee Gin Liqueur 'A Tribute To Martial Arts' 50cl


Product Details

TypeGin Based Liqueur
OriginManchester, England.
Brand: Kimono Drinks
Kimono Gin is a tribute to Martial Arts, an ancient tradition in Japan and China, where the fighters wear a 'Kimono', which is the traditional white or blue robes that the fighters wear during training and combat.

Kimono Gin Liqueur features the Lychee Fruit, which is part of the Soapberry family a historic and traditional fruit originating from the Far East!

Kimono Gin comes in an eye catching bottle, with a label that features the Kimono and the rising sun in the background, giving the Gin a traditional feel.

This Gin is a tribute to the art of Martial Arts and also, any combat sport, making it the perfect gift for loved ones who participate in any combat sport.

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Weight: 1.2kg
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