Jaffa 2512 Arabian Orange Gin 50cl

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A homage to Khamies, a refugee from the Holy Land of Jaffa born on the 25th December 1947, who immigrated to England, due to the unrest that came after World War 2.  Growing up on a staple diet of Jaffa Oranges, he always made sure the only Oranges in his Manchester family home was Jaffas.  Now his Sons return the gratitude by creating the Worlds first Hand Crafted, Copper Micro Distilled, Jaffa Orange Gin.
A naturally crafted gin from start to finish using a unique and secret distillation process, Jaffa Oranges are macerated for 2 weeks in our copper still to create a superbly versatile masterful Gin.  No artificial flavouring, no artificial colourings, no essences, no glycerol, a 100% Natural Gin.
Only 200 bottles are produced per batch and take up to 4 weeks to create an incredibly smooth, zesty, fresh and refined experience.

A perfect serve with twisted basil leaves, crushed pomegranate or raspberry, orange slice, ice and Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water.


Type Contemporary Gin
Size 50cl
ABV 40%
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Sweet Little
Weight 1.1kg