Isle of Jura 14 YO Single Malt Whisky 70cl

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Our 14 year old Is a celebration of the heart of Jura; its people. A close-knit group of around 212 passionate individuals, we are inspired by their life on this island, distilling their essence in our whisky. Whether you are coming from near or far, you can always rely on a warm welcome from this inviting, tiny community; the lifeblood of our island home. Every time you pour a glass you're raising a dram with the islanders who make it and with every rye-spiced sip you will taste Jura's bright and characterful spirit, a gift from our tiny island community to you. Matured in American white oak ex bourbon and hand selected American rye barrels, the casks deliver depth and complexity to our 14 year old single malt with layered spice, aromatic, herbal and floral qualities.


Type Single Malt Whisky
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Origin Scotland
Allergy None
Brand Isle of Jura
Weight 1.3kg