Hendricks Flora Adora Gin 70cl

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An exciting release from Ms Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Hendrick’s FLORA ADORA Gin is crafted at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace on the Ayrshire bee corridor from a refreshing infusion of florals most loved by our beloved butterflies and bees.

Inspired by luscious landscapes, bursting with fragrant Scottish wildflowers, and a fascination with watching garden creatures interact with flowers at the Gin Palace Garden, our Master Distiller, Ms Lesley Gracie, has used her background in chemistry, experimentation, and fascination with botanical pairings to extract and bottle this enticing essence in a Gin. Now, Hendrick’s wishes to invite you to join in these enchanting celebrations and feast your senses on a premium Gin perfectly suited to garden parties and blooming marvellous soirées.


Type Flavoured Gin
Size 70cl
ABV 43.4%
Origin Scotland
Allergy None
Brand Hendricks Gin
Weight 1.2kg