Half Hitch Gin 70cl

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When you hear the word Camden, what do you think about? The music? The markets? Well, if you were around in the latter half of the 1800s, you might know Camden more for its gin (you also might be indestructible if you're reading this and were around in the late 1800s). Some of that history still exists - take a look at the street called Juniper Crescent, for example.

While those times may have passed, Half Hitch Gin is bringing gin back to Camden. Produced in the former warehouse vaults of Camden Lock, Half Hitch gin is made with a gin base that is blended with tinctures of Malawian black tea, pepper, hay, English wood and bergamot. The name itself was inspired by the knots used to tie barges to the Lock.

Notable Awards

TSB Gold - Super Premium - 2015


Type Warm Spiced Gin
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Origin London, England.
Allergy None
Brand Half Hitch
Weight 1.5kg