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Gin Liqueur

Gin Liqueur is as it sounds, a liqueur based on a Gin spirit, predominately fruit based, these are becoming very popular throughout the world.
Here at Ginspiration, we have a fine range of the most popular ones that are for sale.
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Gordon's Sloe Gin 70cl
RRP: £22.99
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Elephant Sloe Gin 50cl
RRP: £35.99
Sipsmith Sloe Gin 50cl
RRP: £25.99
Sweet Little Bubblegum Sparkle Edition Gift Box Gin Liqueur 50cl
RRP: £44.99
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Pugs Palace Gift Box
RRP: £24.99
Eden Mill Love Spiced Rhubarb Crumble  Love Gin Liqueur 70cl
RRP: £19.99
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Brambles Cream Egg Gin liqueur 50cl
RRP: £15.99
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3 Pugs Cream Soda Gin Liqueur 50cl
RRP: £30.99
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While Gin is a flavoured drink (by definition), sweeter, lower-strength Gin based liqueurs are on the rise and are rapidly becoming very popular. The most popular flavours are fruit flavoured Gin Liqueurs, such as, Damson, Orange, Mulberry and Raspberry, floral flavours are also popular such as, Violet and Rose, even spices are being used to make Gin Liqueurs, the most popular ones being Ginger and Pepper, other botanicals are sometimes infused into the drink too, such as certain woods and water. Sometimes, Sugar or other additional sweeteners are added to the drink, to add extra flavour. In a Gin, the flavour profile focuses on Juniper, where as in a Gin Liqueur, the flavour focuses on what the liqueur has been flavoured with, e.g. in Jaffa 2512 Fresh Orange Gin Liqueur, the flavour is mainly be Orange, where as in the Jaffa 2512 Orange Gin, the main flavour is Juniper, with Orange not being as strong or as sweet as it is in the Liqueur.
Most Gin Liqueurs are 15% - 35% ABV in strength, if it is 37.5% or higher, then it would be a flavoured Gin, not a Gin Liqueur.

A lot of popular producers of Gin are starting to bring out their own Gin Liqueurs, because of the quickly growing market for them. Brands such as Gordons, Solway Spirits, William Chase, Zymurgorium, Hayman's and many others all have their own Gin based Liqueur that they produce and sell and they are proving to be very popular and high in demand. Some companies release limited edition versions of Gin Liqueurs that are only released in a Small Batch, making them even more popular and hard to get.

The most popular type of Gin Liqueur is Sloe Gin, which is made with a base Gin and Sloe Berries. The European Union decided that for a Sloe Gin to be named as such, that it must be at least 25% ABV.
Sloe Gin is traditionally made with ripe Sloes which are picked after the first frost in winter. You can find more about Sloe Gin in the category.