Freixenet Prosecco 1.5L

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Freixenet is a family owned business, that was started by a couple, Pedro Ferrer-Bosch and Dolores Sala Vive, who got married in 1911. They stated Freixenet in Catalunya, Spain, where Freixenet started to produce Sparkeling Wine, rather than the Wine that they used to produce, in 1914. They called it Freixenet,becasue Pedro, grew up on a vineyard called, 'La Freixeneta'. The couple decided to produce sparkling wine, becasue in 1914 there was an outbreak of a deadly disease that affected grapevines, so the only way to keep producing wines, was to produce sparkling wines, which changed where the company was heading. 
In 1940, there was the terrible loss of Pedro and his eldest son, which left Dolores and her daughter Pilar, to keep the company going. Dolores taught all of her children the ways of the business.
Up until this day, Freixenet is still producing some of the best Sparkling Wine that in on the market.


Type Prosecco
Size 1.5L
ABV 11%
Origin Spain.
Allergy None
Brand Freixenet
Weight 3.5kg