Edgerton Pink Gin 70cl

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Edgerton Pink Gin is distilled at Thames Distillers in London, from a unique combination of 15 botanicals including, juniper, orange peel, cassia bark, grains of paradise and damiana - a fragrant, herby aphrodisiac...

But appearances can be deceptive, and whilst this gin certainly has a sultry side, it is anything but a girly, fruity, fluffy gin. This gin packs a delicious botanical punch. It owes its colour to pomegranate extract, and has a classic juniper-led style with a rich complexity and a unique balance of light, sweet citrus and dry spice notes.

With tonic, the sweet orange and juniper notes open up and soften to give an appealingly floral nose and a touch of sugar plum, followed by a dryer refreshing finish where the pomegranate comes through.

Notable Awards

TSB Silver - Super Premium - 2016
TSB Master- Contemporary - 2014
TSB Silver - Premium 2014


Type Contemporary Gin
Size 70cl
ABV 43%
Origin London, England.
Allergy None
Brand Edgerton
Weight 1.5kg