Dodds Gin 50cl

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Dodd's Gin is names after Ralph Dodd. In 1807, he planned to build a distillery in London, however, it didn't go to plan.
Dodd's Gin is made with only organic botanicals, Juniper, Angelica, Fresh Lime Peel, Cardamom, Red Raspberry Leaf, Bay Laurel, & Honey, which is from the London Honey Company.

Notable Awards
IWSC Silver - Gin & Tonic - 2017, IWSC Silver - London Dry - 2107, ISC Bronze - Super Premium - 2014, IWSC Silver Outstanding - Contemporary Styles - 2013.


Type London Dry Gin
Size 50cl
ABV 49.9%
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Dodd's
Weight 1.1kg