Cheshire Grins Pink Prosecco Gin 70cl

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This one hits on all the current booze trends: bubbles, craft gin and a hint of pink, in one juicy (and very aesthetically pleasing) package.

Grins Pink Prosecco Gin will catch your attention with the vintage glamour-inspired print on its bottle, and keep it with its promises of lightness, fruity flavours, and easy drinking. Inside the bottle youll find a fragrant liqueur, resplendent with earthy vanilla and tones of strawberry and peach. Add a few drops to a glass of Prosecco for optimum drinking conditions and then maybe admire the bottle some more.


Type Flavoured Gin
Size 50cl
ABV 37.5%
Origin Cheshire, England.
Allergy None
Brand Cheshire Grins
Weight 1.2kg