Cheshire Grins Midnight Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur 50cl

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Is this the most fun gin liqueur on the market? We might be tempted to say yes 

A quirky variation on the classic Pornstar Martini, this deep purple liqueur comes with an after dark twist: just shake the bottle, and the violet liquid will start to shimmer like a night sky thats full of stars. No, were not sure how theyve engineered this either - but we are very much here for it. 

In terms of taste, you can expect the essential passionfruit as well as citrus and vanilla to add sweetness. So go on - give it a shake and get ready to both wow and be wowed.


Type Gin Liqueuer
Size 50cl
ABV 20%
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Cheshire Grins
Weight 1.2kg