Brokers London Dry Gin 70cl

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A fine and tasty gin which has been lauded by critics, Broker's is made with herbs, spices and fruits imported from three continents and blended to be extra dry - yes, that's right people, this is Martini heaven

The distillery where Brokers Gin is made is located near Birmingham, England and is over 200 years old.  The distillery uses only traditional pot stills. Continuous distillation using column stills is more efficient and is used by the major brands, but pot stills are better for extracting maximum flavour from the botanicals in a traditional hand-crafted fashion.

The base spirit for Brokers Gin is quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit made from English wheat. The flavour is provided by ten natural botanicals, the primary one of which is juniper berries as in all gins. The botanicals are steeped soaked in the base spirit in the still for 24 hours. This is the first part of the flavour-infusion process. The still is then fired up for the final, fifth distillation, which completes the process.

Notable Awards

IWSC Silver Outstanding - London Dry - 2013


Type London Dry Gin
ABV 40%
Size 70cl
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Broker's Gin
Weight 1.4kg