Bathtub Cask Aged Gin 50cl

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Ableforths use their original bathtub gin and then put it into octave casks, which holds roughly a fifth of a standard cask and then it is left to age for three to six months.

The octave casks add lots of complexity and flavour to the Gin, while it is ageing. It results in a spicy and rich Gin.

Notable Awards

SFWSC Silver - Gin - 2017, TSB Gold - Contemporary - 2017, TSB Gold - Super Premium - 2017, TSB Gold - Cask Aged - 2017, IWSC Gold - Contemporary Styles - 2017, TSB Gold - Cask Aged - 2016, ISC Gold - Gin - 2016, WGA Gold - Cask Gin - 2016.


Type Aged Gin
Size 50cl
ABV 43.3%
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Bathtub Gin
Weight 1.1kg