Adnams Copper House Dry Gin 70cl

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Adnams Copper House Dry Gin is made using the London Dry Gin method, where the botanicals are added directly to the spirit in the copper pot still. The resultant spirit is then brought to bottling strength to achieve the fullest flavour.

Adnams Gin is made with Juniper Berries, Orris Root, Coriander Seed, Cardamom Pod, Sweet Orange Peel and Hibiscus Flower.  Of these botanicals, its probably the hibiscus flower which is the least expected. On Adnams travels, they actually experienced Hibiscus Flower in tea and they fell in love with the bitter, floral fruit flavours of the petals.  They believe Hibiscus Flower adds a great dimension to our beloved gin.

Notable Awards


IWSC Silver Outstanding - London Dry - 2017
IWSC Gold - Gin & Tonic - 2017
TSB Silver - Gin - 2014
IWSC Silver - London Dry - 2014
IWSC Trophy - Gin - 2013
IWSC Gold Outstanding - London Dry - 2013



Type London Dry Gin
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Origin England
Allergy None
Brand Adnams
Weight 1.2kg