2 x Jhakaas IPA 4.6% Can 24 x 330ml
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We wanted to create a Pale Ale that would be the perfect match to our favourite dishes. The first bite as they say is with the eye and Jhakaas IPA has a beautiful bright yellow body because it is brewed only with Pilsen Malt. Jhakaas IPA has an awesome refreshing bitter citrus flavour, which is the result of brewing with an abundance of Magnum, Mosaic and Cascade Hops. We know that for more and more people having a vegetarian option is really important and we are proud to say that Jhakaas IPA is vegetarian.


Dated April 2021
Type IPA
Size 48 x 330ml
ABV 4.6%
Origin India
Allergy Gluten
Brand Jhakaas
Weight 18kg