Jaffa 2512 Gin is a homage to Khamies, a refugee from the Holy Land of Jaffa born on Christmas Day, who immigrated to England, due to the unrest that came after World War 2. Growing up on a staple diet of Jaffa Oranges, he always made sure the only Oranges in his Manchester family home were Jaffas. Now his Sons return the gratitude by creating the Worlds first Hand Crafted, Micro Distilled, Jaffa Orange Gin. Jaffa 2512 also produce a range of Gins, as well as the infamous Jaffa Orange Gin This is a Gin with a truly special meaning.

It is a fully hand-crafted, micro distilled Gin, that uses all natural botanicals, there are absolutely no added flavours or preservatives, giving it a more natural and fresh taste on the palate. It is produced in Manchester, North West England. Not many Gins are produced like this anymore, which is a shame, because some of the authenticity of the taste and botanicals are lost in some of the more mass produced gins, that contain preservatives and artificial flavours.

As well as the Jaffa Orange Gin, they also produce a stunning range of Gins and Gin Liqueurs, that include; Jaffa 2512 Lemon Gin, Jaffa 2512 Not Terrys Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur, Jaffa 2512 Club Tropicana Liqueur, Jaffa 2512 Fresh Orange Gin Liqueur (Unfiltered), Jaffa 2512 Fresh Orange Gin Liqueur (Filtered) and Jaffa 2512 Fresh Raspberry Gin Liqueur. Each one of these amazing creations is carefully handcrafted, in the distillery, making it feel amazing when you drink it, leaving you wanting more and more!

Here are some details about the Orange Gin that is produced with the Jaffa Oranges.

Jaffa 2512 Orange Gin:

Size: 50cl     ABV: 40%

Closure: Wax & Cork

Key Botanicals 
Jaffa Oranges, Cinnamon, Lavender & Rose Buds.

Zesty, Citrus Driven, Subtle Lavender & Cinnamon.

Smooth, Almost Creamy, Citrus, Rose,
Angelica & Light juniper.

Long Citrus & Zest Flavours.

Ideal Mixer 
Premium Tonics, Pomegranate & Basil Soda,
Lemonade, Neat.

Orange Slice, Twisted Basil Leaf, Crushed Pomegrante,
Crushed Raspberry, Neat.


This is a truly incredible Gin and a must have for all of the Gin lovers out there, simply because of how it tastes and feels on the palate! You can find out more about Jaffa 2512 and all of the details about the complete range they offer, how to contact them and even book a promotional evening with them, on their website! Also, all of their social media is linked at the bottom of their website, if you wish to follow them and keep updated about news about new flavours and limited releases that are going to come out in the future. You can also find the whole Jaffa 2512 range for sale on Ginspiration.

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